Natural Lip Balm

Natural Lip Balm - Wholesale 1
Natural Lip Balm
Natural Lip Balm - Wholesale 1
Natural Lip Balm

Natural Lip Balm


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Our natural lip balms are 100% natural ingredients to soothe and moisturize your lips

  • Long lasting and healthy result for dry, cracked lips
  • Handcrafted in Spencer, TN
  • A leading seller for JS Home
  • Now available in 5 scents: Vanilla, Summer Berry, Tropical Kiss, Coconut & Unscented.

Did you know that the skin on your lips is four to five times thinner than the skin on your face? As we age, the skin continues to thin, resulting in lips that no longer feel as smooth or appear as plump as they once were. That’s why our lips need added protection. This special blend of oils and butters was specifically created by us for their immense deep healing to lips.  Not only does our lip balms heal at the surface, you may find that the regenerative effect of the balm goes deeper into the skin and therefore rejuvenates your lips with a lasting effect.

*A little bit goes a long way. Without heavy waxes, these balms glide easily across your lips. Go lightly at first until you see how little it    takes to work hard for you. Your lips have never felt so soft and smooth

*As they are a pure product without artificial hardeners, you will want to be mindful of keeping them within a reasonable range of temperature, outside of excessive heat.

Soy, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Beeswax, & Lip Safe Fragrance Oil.


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